Director's Message

For any parent today, the dream is to equip their child for a glorious career which shall in turn facilitate the child’s bright future. Precisely for this reason, higher education, especially in professional courses, has become crucial. This has given rise to peer pressure and acute competition for admissions.

Coaching centres are designed to help students in this very situation. Prof. V. A. Joseph’s Entrance Coaching Centre goes one step ahead and ensures personal attention to each and every student in its rolls. We work with a passion that borders on obsession.

Parent-teacher relationship touches very high levels in our institution. Periodic assessment reports are discussed with parents so as to prevent them from being in the dark about the preparations of their wards.

In addition, we have a dedicated and highly qualified faculty to handle each subject. Students have no problem in consulting the teachers even outside classes to clear their doubts.

Prof. V. A. Joseph’s Coaching Centre assures a whole-hearted attempt to guide your child in his/her educational aspirations in a transparent manner that is designed to give full satisfaction to discerning parents.

-Prof V. A. Joseph

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