Science For Future

Reading & Writing

The main difference between human beings and other animals is that humans can read and write. Man can write down the knowledge he accumulated over a generation and transfer this to the next generation. The most intelligent among other animals has only what it obtained by evolution plus the knowledge obtained by its own experience. From 1900 onwards the total knowledge of humans began to double in every ten years compared to the total knowledge of the previous decade. This trend is still continuing.

The back bone of human knowledge is science. From the technology of making fire for warmth, protection and cooking, humans have advanced by light years. Now we have computers to augment our brain power. We have even constructed the Large Hadron Collider to study the birth of the universe. Humans can predict the collision of large asteroids with earth far in advance and have the power to prevent it.

In future the development of science depends on training our young brains. Each generation has to absorb the knowledge of the previous generation, add new knowledge to this and transfer it to the next generation.

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