Team of Advisors

Headed by Prof. V.A. Joseph, the coaching centre has a dedicated team that works hard to equip each student to realize his/her maximum potential. Each teacher goes to great lengths to ensure individual attention to all pupils at VAJECC. Our experienced team of advisors includes:-


  Prof. V. A. Joseph

Prof. V. A. Joseph is the architect of Prof. V. A. Joseph’s Entrance Coaching Centre that has grown into a panacea for students aspiring for admission to professional studies. With 47 years of tutoring experience, Prof. Joseph is a powerhouse in the technique of imparting knowledge. Acquiring his post graduate degree in Chemistry from Sacred Heart College, Thevara, he joined the same institution as a lecturer and retired as Head of Department of Chemistry. During his tenure, he was nominated to various prestigious positions, both in the college and in Mahatma Gandhi University. He served in various capacities in the University including as a Member of Board of Studies, Chairman of Examination Board and Member of Syllabus Committee. His enduring passion for teaching prompted him to start this institution immediately after his retirement in 1997. During 1980’s, Prof Joseph pursued his vocation in Nigeria for four years. He is President of Francis Assissi Trust, which runs Archbishop Attipetty Public School, a CBSE school in Vaduthala in Ernakulam.

  Prof. K. C. Teresa

Prof K C Teresa is the woman behind the successful Prof V A Joseph. Prof Teresa secured her post-graduate degree in Botany from St Teresa’s College in Ernakulam and was immediately snapped up by St Xavier’s College in Aluva as a junior lecturer. Her meritorious work at St Xavier’s College ended in her retirement as Head of Department of Botany. Her scintillating career brought her many laurels. She was nominated a Member of its Board of Examinations by Mahatma Gandhi University. Later, she was nominated Chairperson of the Board. She was quite active in extra-curricular activities also. Along with her husband, she also spent four years teaching in Nigeria. With over 40 years of teaching experience, Prof Teresa continues to train students in Botany for various medical entrance examinations.

  Prof. P. N. N. Elayathu

Prof. P N N Elayathu is a wizard in the realm of tutoring mathematics.  Retiring as Head of Department in St Albert’s College, Ernakulam in 1996 after a stint of 33 years, Prof Elayathu continues to weave a web of magic creating a fascination for the subject in his wards.  His astuteness and brilliant teaching methods led to his being nominated Chairman of Examination Board of both PG and UG in Mahatma Gandhi University.  In the early 1980s, Prof Elayathu tutored in Mathematics in Nigeria.  He makes understanding mathematics much simpler and interesting.

  Prof. P. A. Jochan

Prof. Jochan is a pillar in the field of entrance examination coaching.  A brilliant teacher of Physics, he is well-known for coaching aspirants to the Engineering and Medical courses in Physics.  At the end of a long stint at St Michael’s College, Chertalla, Prof Jochan retired as Head of Department.  The wisdom of his experience was sought by Kerala University as a Member of Board of Studies, Syllabus Committee (BSc) and Examination Board (BSc).  For ten years after his retirement, Prof Jochan was at Rajagiri HSS, Kalamassery, imparting knowledge in Physics to the students there.  He continues to focus on his core domain of entrance coaching.

  Prof. John Kurien

Prof. John Kurien has a wealth of experience teaching Physics for more than 45 years.  At Prof V A Joseph’s Entrance Coaching Centre, Prof Kuriens turns solving Physics problems into a very simple and easily understandable process.  His 33-year career in St Albert’s College, Ernakulam culminated in his being Head of Department for the last 13 years there.  He was nominated Member of the Board of Studies in Physics at M G University, Kottayam.  He was Chairman, Board of Examination (BSc Physics) for several years.  He had a 3-year stint as a Physics teacher in Nigeria in the 1980s.

  Prof. N. S. Neelakandan

With more than 44 years of teaching experience, Prof N S Neelakantan is Head of Applied Science & Humanities at Sree Narayana Guru Institute of Science & Technology, Manjali, North Parur.  He joined U C College, Aluva in 1967 and rose to be Head of Department in 1998.  In between, Prof Neelakantan had a 5-year stint teaching Mathematics in Nigeria.  For ten years, he was Principal of Jamia Hassania Public School, Aluva.  He is unique in coaching his wards to crack mathematics problems.

  Prof. V. A. Francis

After post-graduation in Chemistry from Sacred Heart College, Thevara, Prof V A Francis was shift-in-charge for three years at the Formalin plant of Polyformalin (P) Ltd, Poonithura.  Thereafter, he joined St Michael’s College, Cherthala as a Lecturer in Chemistry.  As a Lecturer and then Professor, he was nominated Member of Examination Board by Kerala University, Trivandrum.  He is best known for the simple and lucid way he handles physical chemistry for plus two students.  After retirement, Prof Francis devotes time for cultivation and is an active farmer in Vattavada near Munnar Top Station.

  Dr. V. J. Dominic

Retired Head of the Department – Botany, Sacred Heart College, Thevara, Ernakulam.

  Prof. P. M. Joseph

Retired from Department of Chemistry, Sacred Heart College, Thevara, Ernakulam.

  Prof. C. U. Ravikumar

Retired Head of the Department – Zoology, D B College, Thalayolaparambu, Kottayam.

  Prof. Austin Thambi

Retired from Department of Zoology, St. Paul’s College, Kalamassery, Ernakulam.

  Dr. Navya George

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